Michael Y. (San Ramon, CA)

名字 Michael Y.
居住地 San Ramon, CA
網路教學 Yes
可教科目 Spanish, Math, Biology, Chemistry, English
可教科目的成績 AP Spanish Language: A; AP Calculus BC: A; AP Statistics: A; AP Biology: A; AP Chemistry: A; AP English Literature and Composition: A
年級 12
語言 English, Spanish, Mandarin
中文程度 I can understand, but not good at speaking. 會聽不會說
家教經驗 Yes (Answer the below question)
I have tutored 2 students this year – one in Honors English and one in Honors Algebra 2. Each session usually lasted about 1-2 hours. I have also tutored some of my high school peers for volunteering work over the past three years.
禮拜一 Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜二 Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜三 Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜四 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜五 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜六 Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜天 Morning (Before 12pm), Early afternoon (12pm~3pm)
區域範圍 San Ramon, Pleasanton, Dublin, Danville, Alamo, Livermore, Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek
電郵 michael.yao@aol.com
電話 (408)761-8752
WeChat N/A
Line myaomeow
其他 Hello! I will be attending the California Institute of Technology in the fall majoring in Biology and Applied Physics. In my free time, I spend my time swimming as part of a club swim team, playing the piano, and spending time with my two dogs! Since I was young, I have always enjoyed approaching problems and concepts from different perspectives, and this has helped me explain ideas to students in ways that they can best understand. I am patient and believe in helping students build a strong foundation so that they ultimately develop the tools to learn on their own. With my proactive nature and enthusiasm for learning, I hope I will be able to have the opportunity to tutor and help your student.
費用 $20-$45

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