Shannon L. (Cupertino, CA)

名字 Shannon L.
居住地 Cupertino, CA
網路教學 Maybe
可教科目 Chemistry (Honors, AP, SAT II), Biology (AP, SAT)
可教科目的成績 General Chemistry Series, College Level: A; AP Biology: A, 5 on AP test
年級 Current college student
語言 English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese
中文程度 I am pretty good at both understanding and speaking 會聽也會說
家教經驗 Yes (Answer the below question)
I was one of the Science Tutors at Cupertino High School. During tutorials, the other tutors and I would take turns leading hour-long discussions in AP Chemistry. I have also been a tutorial helper for Chemistry Honors.
禮拜一 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜二 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜三 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜四 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜五 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm)
禮拜六 Morning (Before 12pm)
禮拜天 Morning (Before 12pm)
區域範圍 Cupertino; West San Jose; Santa Clara; Sunnyvale
電話 (408) 887-2586
WeChat N/A
Line shannonstlu98
其他 Hello! I am a rising second-year Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, minoring in Japanese at UC Davis. I graduated from Cupertino High School, where I took both AP Chemistry and AP Biology, scoring a 760 and 4 on the SAT and AP tests for Chemistry, and a 5 on the AP test for Biology. I have completed a full year sequence in General Chemistry and Calculus at UC Davis, and have been chosen to be a Lab Learning Assistant for next year. I am aspiring to find a job in heath care in the future, but before, I would like to help fellow students understand and appreciate science. I look forward to speaking with and potentially working with you!
費用 30-40

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