Winnie W. (Walnut, CA)

名字 Winnie W.
居住地 Walnut, CA
網路教學 Yes
可教科目 English/Writing, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science
可教科目的成績 English: AP English Literature & AP English Composition. Took a semester-long, intensive expository writing course at Harvard College; Math: Up to Calc BC & Multivariable Calc; Biology & Chemistry: AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Harvard course that integrated biology and chemistry (AP curriculum & beyond); Computer Science: AP CS A, IB CS HL/SL, Two CS courses at Harvard
年級 Current college student
語言 English, Mandarin Chinese, French
中文程度 I am pretty good at both understanding and speaking 會聽也會說
家教經驗 Yes (Answer the below question)
I’ve tutored 30+ students in a variety of subjects — including math, English, and biology. Each session ranged from 1 to 2 hours.
禮拜一 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜二 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜三 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜四 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜五 Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜六 Early afternoon (12pm~3pm), Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
禮拜天 Early afternoon (12pm~3pm), Late afternoon (3pm~7pm), Night (7pm~10pm)
區域範圍 Walnut and West Covina. I’m flexible and open to going to other cities, so please email me for more details.
電話 N/A
WeChat N/A
Line N/A
其他 I’m a rising Harvard College sophomore thinking about concentrating in Computer Science, and I have over two years of experience tutoring students of all ages. I have helped students improve their writing ability, prepare for SAT II and AP tests, and understand difficult subject material. My computer science background has helped me develop the logic and problem solving skills that are useful for STEM courses, but my strengths are not only in the sciences. I am also an avid reader, and I am experienced in writing many different types of papers — including creating writing, expository essays, argumentative essays, and research papers. Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions, and I hope to hear from you (or your child) soon!
費用 $40 – $60

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